Biden FDA Exposed In Explosive Hearing

( – A recent hearing by a House Judiciary subcommittee addressing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its alleged “politicization” during the pandemic by the Biden administration to pressure medical professionals into fast-tracking vaccines for children without proper safety testing.

On Wednesday, June 26, the subcommittee held a hearing to address the FDA’s expediting of vaccines in 2021 for children before conducting enough testing on the injections to ensure their safety. At the hearing’s outset, GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky, chairman of the subcommittee, read from past testimony given by Dr. Marion Gruber detailing conversations she had with Dr. Peter Marks about the effectiveness of the vaccines in children. Gruber is the former director of the FDA’s vaccine office, and Marks was a top regulator for the shots.

According to Massie, Gruber told Marks that more testing and trials in the minor population were needed, especially amongst 12 to 17-year-old boys, but that Marks dismissed those concerns and pushed to speed up the rollout schedule for licensing the shots so they could then be mandated. Massie said this schedule compression took place just as warnings were coming in about increased risk of pericarditis and myocarditis when he should have given vaccine developers more time. He also said Marks fired “top officials” who told him compressing the schedule would not be possible and additional time for testing would be necessary.

Dr. Jordan Vaughn, a private practitioner, also testified about his experience treating more than 2,000 patients who experienced health complications related to the vaccines.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio asked the doctor about the increase in vaccine hesitancy among Americans after the pandemic response and if he felt the government’s handling of the situation caused such hesitancy. Vaughn replied that he believed that to be the case, saying that people usually “start to question” things when they are “told one thing” and “the opposite happens.”

Jordan agreed that the inaccurate information shared with the public is what broke their trust. Vaughn said it destroyed the “faith” of many “in medicine and public health.”

A lot of those injuries are also taking legal action. Aaron Siri, who specialized in vaccine injury litigation, also testified to the subcommittee about the various lawsuits he is currently handling related to the newest vaccinations.

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