Biden Finally Acknowledges Granddaughter – But Why Now?

( – After four years, President Joe Biden is finally publicly acknowledging his seventh grandchild, Navy Roberts. The announcement was quietly made by the White House on a Friday at 5 PM on July 28.

In a statement made to People magazine, President Biden said he and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, think the subject of their seventh granddaughter is “not a political issue” but “a family matter.” They went on to say that their son, Hunter Biden, and Navy’s mother, Lunden Roberts, “are working together” to do what’s “in the best interests of their daughter” while “preserving her privacy.”

Biden then acknowledged Navy during an interview a few days later while speaking with Jay Shetty for his podcast “On Purpose.” The president acknowledged he has “seven grandkids,” and that “five of ‘em” are old enough to talk with him on the phone. Biden said he texts or calls them every day.

It’s unclear why Biden has had a sudden change of heart. One common speculation is election optics: it’s not a good look for the president to continue pretending one of his grandchildren doesn’t exist when it’s been public knowledge for years now, and proven with a court-issued DNA test.

Perhaps the waters have settled more after the resolution of Hunter Biden’s recent court case with Navy’s mother, ex-stripper Lunden Roberts, over child support payment amounts. Hunter came out on top and managed to have his monthly payments reduced. Lunden also agreed to stop pursuing a legal change of Navy’s last name from Roberts to Biden.

Prior to this, the official protocol of the White House was to pretend the child doesn’t exist. President Biden stated the wrong number of grandchildren on multiple occasions and has been criticized for it harshly. With the 2024 election around the corner, it seems the Biden campaign is shifting its strategy.

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