Biden Gets Snappy After Student Debt Relief Loss

( – President Joe Biden snapped at White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich on Friday, June 30th, when she implied he had given millions of Americans “false hope” about a student debt bailout program that he had attempted to authorize by executive order. That program was shot down by the Supreme Court hours earlier.

The $430 billion bailout was an overreach of executive authority, according to the 6-to-3 court decision. Biden gave remarks at a press conference reacting to the ruling before opening the field to questions. Heinrich asked why the president had previously implied he had the authority to deploy the bailout giving millions of people false hope.

Biden immediately claims he didn’t give anyone false hope and that he did what he thought he was capable of doing legally at the time. He also said that had he been able to do more, he would have. He also took the time to jab at Republicans, claiming that the hope of debt relief was a “real, real hope” before “Republicans snatched” it away.

He must have forgotten 2021 remarks where he explicitly stated he didn’t believe he had the legal authority to enact the program. The court’s majority wrote that the HEROES Act does not authorize the disbursement of funds to wipe out the debt, as argued by six states before the court. The opinion also quoted previous Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who had also said in 2021 that the President does not have the power to wipe out billions in debt with the stroke of a pen.

Republicans opposed the plan from the outset, Biden pushed the idea in August 2022, and the plan was put on hold after taking 16 million applications online so that it could be reviewed by the SCOTUS.

In light of the ruling, President Biden’s administration has dropped a quick fact sheet including two immediate steps they’re taking to help relieve student loan borrowers. Payments will be put on hold for some, while other low-income borrowers can have debt reduced if they meet certain criteria.

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