Biden ‘Getting Creamed’ Over Mishandling Documents; Criminal Charges Unlikely

( – Nick Ackerman is a former Federal Prosecutor for the Department of Justice. Speaking with NewsNation’s Adrienne Bankert on Tuesday, January 17th, he suggested that the statute of limitations regarding the mishandling of classified documents would prevent legal trouble for President Biden.

Crucially Ackerman suggested “unless something else happened” regarding the documents, there’s no room for criminal charges. There may be criminal charges depending on the national security impact of the documents and who was allowed to access them while Biden had possession, however. The fact that the announcements regarding the documents were delayed two months as well as the drip-wise release of details about additional documents found at his home, suggests there is something Democrats want to hide.

Ackerman continued to lament the fact that there was no one in the government who noticed the documents were missing, suggesting that local libraries do a better job of keeping track of their books.

Ex-Clinton adviser David Gergen spoke with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s AC360 where he suggested that the “political fallout” is “a very, very big deal.” Gergen called the story “gigantic” and critiqued Biden’s team for failing to manage it properly in the media. “They’ve done a wonderful job being cooperative, and they’ve done it by the books,” however, continuing he suggested the Biden team is going to “get creamed” hunkering down, avoiding full disclosure, and acting like the story isn’t going anywhere.

Even CNN has switched to becoming critical of the President, which is a staunch reversal from years of mindlessly repeating every democratic talking point. Biden was expected to officially announce his re-election campaign amid a series of recent political wins, but with the documents story still developing many on the left are acknowledging it “doesn’t look good.” David Axelrod is a former advisor to President Barack Obama who told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “the critical mistake was in fact, the drip, drip, drip” of the story breaking in piecemeal. That fact alone has created a political nightmare, and many wonder what the story will reveal next.

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