Biden Gives Certain Migrants a Chance At Legal Status

( – President Joe Biden’s new immigration policy will give thousands legal status overnight, although only under certain conditions.

On Tuesday, June 18, Biden announced that specific illegal aliens who are either spouses or children of American citizens will be allowed to apply for citizenship without having to return to their home countries for breaking the law by entering without seeking asylum. The executive action could protect hundreds of thousands of such people from being deported.

The program will be directed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and will fast-track illegal immigrant adults who’ve lived in the US for a long period of time toward citizenship. Adults who have resided in the US for at least a decade to the day of June 17, 2024, and wed to a citizen will qualify. Roughly half a million people will be granted legal status and deportation protections by the action, including 50,000 illegal aliens who are children of immigrants married to US citizens, qualifying if they are below 21 years old.

The announcement came during a 12-year anniversary celebration of former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which was signed into law in 2012 and already protects over 550,000 illegals from deportation under the program.

The White House touts the latest program as a means to “promote family unity” and “strengthen” the economy. Critics of the program believe it is unfair to reward immigrants who entered the country by breaking the law while so many others go through the proper process.

The southern border crisis and a surge of encounters under Biden have become his largest handicap through his re-election campaign and leading into November. An increasing number of Americans are fed up with the situation. In 2023 alone, Border Patrol recorded over 2.4 million encounters.

In an effort to regain support, the Democratic nominee signed an order on June 4 that would suspend asylum requests whenever the number of encounters exceeds 2,500.

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