Biden Insider Slams ‘Scripted’ Presidency

( – A former press secretary for the First Lady reportedly criticized how the White House has been protecting President Joe Biden from issues related to his aging by keeping him “choreographed, scripted and controlled.”

On Wednesday, June 26, First Lady Jill Biden’s former press secretary, Michael LaRosa, told reporters that “scripted” protection of Biden hides his strengths. LaRose believes the carefully directed appearance of Biden deprives him of “opportunities to show off his strengths,” which the former First Lady press secretary said were his “humor, empathy, and compassion.”

LaRosa maintains that Biden’s “superpower” is his “relatability,” which can only be effective when someone’s “humanity is exposed,” meaning others can see their “flaws, mistakes,” and imperfections. He mentioned questions raised by the public by Biden’s decision to opt out of various high-profile interviews, including the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview. Advisers to the president told reporters that Biden skipped the interview to give Americans a break from the election news cycle rather than to avoid public blunders.

Americans certainly saw that on Thursday night, June 27, during the debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump, who even Democratic pundits had to admit came out looking stronger. Biden’s age and mental capacity have been concerns throughout his entire time in office, but those concerns are growing as the election draws nearer, especially after a poor first debate performance.

Despite the new wave of doubt and everyone talking about the possibility of Biden dropping out of the race, LaRosa told Fox News anchor Jesse Waters during a discussion after the debate that those calling for a new candidate are a “minority” of Democrats. He said there was “no chance” that the party would replace Biden, and that he believes they will continue to rally behind him to the end of the election.

Several polls over the last few months show that a majority of voters believe Biden is too old and not in the right shape to serve a second term in the White House.

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