Biden Nominee Laughs At Mandates That Divided America

( – Biden’s latest pick to replace CDC Director Rachel Walensky was shown cackling over a policy she helped create during her time as North Carolina Health Director that prohibited professional sports during the pandemic. The clip came from a series of seminars hosted by Duke University in May 2022 where Dr. Mandy Cohen was asked about how health officials conspired to control what activities the public could and couldn’t engage in.

Cohen recalled a conversation where she was talking to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in Massachusetts who had asked her “Are you going to allow them to play professional football?” “No!” Cohen chirped with a smirk, before suggesting her interlocutor had agreed, “Neither are we!”

Awkward self-satisfied laughter followed while she continued to explain how bureaucrats colluded on keeping the restrictions in place to maintain an air of legitimacy. She also intimated that these conversations were occurring between officials who knew each other personally, not through a formal organizational structure, making it easier for authoritarians to maintain echo chambers without contrarian sentiments mucking up their power grabs.

According to the Washington Post, Cohen is going to be the next nominee for CDC director. She is a medical doctor who graduated from Cornell, receiving her medical degree from Yale, and an additional Master’s in Public Health from Harvard. Quite a prestigious background for someone so willing to restrict the rights of her fellow Americans. It’s unclear if she ever practiced medicine as a doctor, she seems to have gone right into public policy working in North Carolina’s HHS and as a COO for Medicare in the state.

In September 2022, Cohen tweeted out an article that suggested the pandemic would have been worse if not for the sage policymaking of the state (which she heavily influenced). The article endorsed policies like mask-wearing in public, and social distancing, both largely disproven now to have had any impact. It also maligns people who wanted to reopen the economy and get back to work as “misguided.”

If this is any indication, Cohen will be another excellent tool for the pharmaceutical establishment, all too willing to parrot the dogma du jour as long as her colleagues all agree.

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