Biden Piles On Ukrainian War Rhetoric, Threatening Wider War

( – President Biden gave short remarks in Bucharest, Hungary, on Wednesday, February 22nd where he stressed NATO’s importance and revived Cold War sentiments before the Bucharest Nine (B9). That group of countries includes Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Estonia.

Calling the nations “our front lines,” against Russia Biden praised the eastern European states. He also reiterated that the U.S. would rush to the aid of any NATO country attacked by Russia calling the responsibility a “sacred commitment,” he continued to emphasize his willingness to use the American military to “defend literally every inch” of NATO territory against Russian aggression should there be any.

Curiously absent from his remarks was any acknowledgment that Ukraine is not a NATO member state and that Russia has made it clear since the NATO-inspired 2013 coup that it would not tolerate its neighbor state joining the organization.

Piling on the rhetoric, Biden used the word literally a second time to imply that “freedom” is at stake. What freedom he’s referring to is anyone’s guess. Ukraine has been offered multiple peace agreements in the past few years which it routinely breaks by continued military assaults in the southeastern Donbas region which includes two newly formed independent states of Donetsk and Lugansk. Crimea voted to join Russia with an overwhelming 95% of the populace approving the move in a referendum shortly after the 2013 coup.

Meanwhile western powers seemed determined to sabotage peace agreements. In a stunning bit of pathological projection, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claimed Russia “is preparing for world war.” This is a rich irony considering how much NATO and western nations are determined to prop up the Zelensky regime by flooding the war with money, weapons, and logistical support.

British and American tanks, Polish tanks, and Japanese billions are just a few things Western nations are contributing to keeping the war going. The Brits are also sending some long-range missiles, upping the ante. Russia responded to all this escalation by temporarily pulling out of the START nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Is Putin gunning for a world war, or NATO and its allies?

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