Biden Reportedly Caught In College Favor Swapping

( – President Joe Biden and his family can’t seem to avoid sandals. The latest one to break is a report that the president may have used his political influence to put pressure on a university to accept his granddaughter as a student, and then later appointed the university president as an ambassador.

After the Supreme Court decided to strike down affirmative action policies that consider race and ethnicity when admitting students to universities, the White House released a statement in which Biden criticized “legacy admissions” policies “and other systems” he says “expand privilege instead of opportunity.” Yet the president himself took advantage of such practices to get his granddaughter, Maisy Biden, into the University of Pennsylvania.

At the center of the scandal, like most of the scandals surrounding the president, is the first son, Hunter Biden. In 2018, Hunter Biden approached his father and other Biden family members with connections to assist his daughter in being admitted to the university. According to the Washington Free Beacon, who broke the story, they reviewed texts and emails obtained from Hunter’s notorious laptop.

Years later, in 2021, President Biden then nominated the University of Pennsylvania President, Amy Gutmann, to become a German ambassador, and the Senate confirmed her position by vote at the beginning of 2022.

The recent revelation means the president will have to answer some uncomfortable questions, especially after openly condemning the very “legacy admissions” practices his family engages in.

Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson, who now releases an exclusive show on Twitter, covered the sweetheart deal Hunter Biden just received after being charged with tax evasion and a gun violation, which would have resulted in jail time for the average American.

Carlson discussed what he calls a “two-tier justice system,” where people in power can break all the rules with barely a slap on the wrist while the average citizen gets the book thrown at them if they step out of line. Such double standards are also clear when those in power openly condemn nepotism and “legacy admissions” while engaging in the same behavior.

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