Biden Slammed By Republicans On Border

( – With the presidential election just around the corner and as President Joe Biden pushes through an uncertain re-election campaign, Republican lawmakers are turning up the heat with their criticism of his border policies.

On Friday, June 21, 16 Republican Senators sent a letter to Biden addressing the president’s recent executive order that would grant amnesty to over half a million illegal aliens based on how long they have been in the US and whether they are married to a citizen or are the child of a parent married to a citizen. Biden said the main motivation behind the action is to “keep families together.”

The senators, who were led by Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, opposed to the executive order wrote the letter “to express… grave concerns” regarding Biden’s proposal to award illegal aliens with amnesty when they are “unlawfully present” in the country. The senators argue that Biden’s decision “directly contravenes” immigration laws passed by Congress and will only “throw fuel on the fire” of the crisis at the border.

The senators told the president that “parole was never intended” to be used to grant “mass amnesty” and that Biden’s actions “fly in the face” of the law. They went on to dig into the president for his overall handling of the situation throughout his time in office, pointing out how he “rolled back measures” on day one that would’ve secured the southern border, such as the “Remain in Mexico” program and enforcement priorities for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The letter ultimately accuses the president of inviting “the chaos” now seen at the border and communities around the country and recommends that Biden focus his efforts on scouring the border and protecting the nation against “cartels and adversaries” who are taking advantage of the resulting chaos.

According to Border Patrol data, at least 9.5 million encounters have taken place at the US-Mexico border since Biden came into office, including about 1.7 million illegal aliens who are “got-aways.”

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