Biden Slammed For Alleged Role In Trump Conviction

( – President Joe Biden took a victory lap shortly after Donald Trump’s New York conviction for allegedly improperly accounting for a non-disclosure agreement when he classified it as a legal expense. Biden suggested that commentary highlighting the rigged nature of the proceeding was “irresponsible” and implied that criticism was based in a dislike of the outcome as opposed to the illegitimacy of the process.

Criticism of the ruling continues to highlight that Biden is as deceptive as he is vacuous. The prosecution of Donald Trump was always political in nature, but the extent to which political actors involved in Biden’s administration or campaign were directly involved in prosecuting Trump wasn’t very well known, until now.

Matthew Colangelo was arguably New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s right hand during the NY case. Colangelo left Joe Biden’s Department of Justice in 2022 to join Bragg’s team, specifically for this case. He was previously the third-highest-ranked official at the DOJ, and was appointed by President Joe Biden to the role.

While Colangelo is arguably the most obvious indicator that the Biden administration was directly involved in the case, there are plenty of additional data points to suggest the entire process was rigged.

Former federal prosecutor Mark Pomerantz was hired as early as 2021 to work on Bragg’s case. He was hired as a “special assistant” district attorney to exclusively work on this case, and took a leave of absence from his regular firm, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison to do so. The corporate press even acknowledged that the hiring of an outside attorney was “highly unusual.”

Two other attorneys joined Pomerantz from his firm, Caroline Williamson and Elyssa Abuhoff. The situation seems confusing until another puzzle piece is added to the picture: firm partner Paul Weiss is an exceedingly generous donor to Joe Biden. The firm held a $2,800/plate fundraiser for his 2020 campaign which featured roughly 100 guests.

Chair of the firm Brad Karp, gave $100,000 to then-candidate Biden’s campaign and sent an email discussing the importance of “safeguarding our democracy” and his passionate support for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Pomerantz leaked a resignation letter to the corporate press in early 2022 which suggested Bragg wasn’t going to continue the prosecution. Bragg was immediately attacked and encouraged to continue. Colangelo was hired by Bragg’s office shortly thereafter. Concurrently, three of Bragg’s prosecutors asked to be removed from the case over concerns the prosecution was “without clear evidence.”

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