White House employees have left Joe Biden‘s administration at a nearly 4 percent and 15 percent faster rate than under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trumprespectively.

According to the salary reports of all White House employees sent to Congress each summer, the administration’s staff dropped 560 to 474 – a 15 percent decrease – from 2021 to 2022.

From his first year in office to second year, Obama’s staff dropped 4 percent and during that same period in Trumps’ term, the staff dropped by only 1 percent, an Open the Books analysis reveals.

Despite the lower decrease, both of Biden’s predecessors also started off with less employees to begin with. Obama employed 485 in 2009 and that dropped to 466 staffers in 2010, while Trump employed 377 in 2017 and 372 in 2018.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have faced a series of staffing issues during his first year-and-a-half in office – including a so-called ‘Blaxit’ of black staffers leaving the administration.

Black staffers claim in several reports that there is little opportunity for them move upwards in the Biden White House and say the turnover is due to low prospect for promotion and low pay.

Most recently, the White House announced Wednesday that Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is stepping down this month.

It comes after Biden lost his Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and her Chief of Staff Amanda Finney followed her out the door, earlier this summer.

The annual salary report was sent to Congress by the White House last week, as is required.

It revealed that 16 White House employees are making a $0 annual salary this year, compared to 2021 when 41 staffers were unpaid.

Among the top earners are those within President Biden’s communications shop and his top advisers – including the face of inflation strategy Brian Deese.

The range for White House employees starts at zero and, for the most part, caps at $180,000 per year. The lowest non-zero sum is $48,000, which 12 workers are making.

Twenty-four employees at the White House are making $180, including Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield.

Deese, who is director of the National Economic Council, is also making the top salary amount as is Biden’s Chief of Staff Ronald Klain. The Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer Dillon is making the top dollar just like her boss.

The vast majority of White House employees are making over $100,000.

While the cap for most is $180,000, there is one exception – with the person making the most by far being Acting Science Advisor Francis Collins, whose annual salary is $300,000. He is considered a ‘detailee’ under the status column rather than a White House ’employee’.

Lower earners making the $48,000 amount include trip coordinators, research associates and writers for the president.

Sixteen advisers, assistants and fellows on the list are making $0.

The list does not include the president himself. Biden makes $400,000, which has been the presidential salary since George W. Bush in the early 2000s. Congress sets presidential salaries, which has only happened five times in the history of the U.S.

All of the presidents from George Washington through Ulysses S. Grant made $25,000. It was then raised to $50,000 through Theodore Roosevelt’s term, at which point it was raised again to $75,000 ​​from William Taft through Harry Truman. In the midst of Truman ‘s time in office, the salary was raised to $100,000, where it stayed until Lyndon Johnson, at which point it was bumped to $200,000 for all presidents from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton.

The younger Bush was the first to receive the current salary of $400,000.

On top of Biden’s $400,000 per annum salary, he also has a $50000 ‘expense allowance’ as well as $100,000 for travel expenses.

Original Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10992005/Biden-staffers-left-nearly-FOUR-TIMES-rate-Obama-Trump-year-office.html