Biden Thinks His Vice Presidency Was During The Pandemic

( – While Democrats try to accuse former President Donald Trump of freezing during one of his recent speeches, their candidate added another gaffe to his resumé of public misbehaves by appearing to believe he was still serving as vice president during the 2020 pandemic in one of his recent speeches.

Biden spoke in Michigan at a campaign event for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Sunday, May 19, and took shots at his political opponent, one of them majorly missed the mark and perplexed people. Biden then mentioned the coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2019 when Trump was still in office. The president then said that when he was vice president “things were kind of bad during the pandemic,” a comment he made during his opening remarks that left people puzzled because Biden hasn’t been vice president since the beginning of 2017.

The president then claimed that former President Barack Obama called him and told Biden to “go to Detroit” and “help fix it.” Either Biden is seriously confused, is lying, or truly believes that he was vice president in 2020 and dispatched by Obama to assist in the government response. Biden went on to gesture to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, who was on stage with him, and said the “poor mayor” ended up spending more time with Biden than Duggan thought he would have to. The Detroit mayor stood up and shook the president’s hand.

Trump was recently criticized for appearing to freeze for about 35 seconds during one of his speeches, which Democrats and critics claimed was a sign of mental decline and aging on his part. The former president claimed he intentionally paused during that moment and has done so before when music is incorporated into the speech, for dramatic effect.

Biden went on to jab at Trump, accusing him and Republicans of seeking to ban books, lying about the seriousness of the pandemic, and refusing to accept that he lost the 2020 presidential election.

Although the two are polling almost evenly, Trump maintains a slight lead, especially in key battleground states. In Michigan, where Biden made his confused remarks, Trump is polling at 49% while the president is at 46%

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