Biden to Approve Deployment of 1,500 Troops to Assist at the Southern Border

( – In preparation for the ending of Title 42, the Biden administration will send 1,500 U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border within the next few days amid rising concerns that a massive surge of migrants is on the way.

The active duty soldiers will come from various Army units and serve for a 90-day period in administrative as well as transport roles. According to two U.S. officials communicating with Fox News, the goal is to alleviate some of the burdens on Border Patrol and law enforcement.

The deployment of these troops, the officials said, is similar to previous actions taken by former President Donald Trump back in 2018 to mitigate the border crisis. Although the troops will not be assisting in law enforcement, they will be armed for self-defense purposes. According to Jack Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, similar actions were also taken during the administration of George W. Bush.

Title 42, which allows migrants to be sent back over the border immediately, was put into place during Trump’s presidency at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Now that the pandemic is being declared officially over by the Biden administration, there are concerns that the ending of the measure will result in a massive spike in encounters at the southern border.

Another measure being taken by the Biden administration to deal with the potential surge after Title 42 is lifted a new rule that will make any asylum seekers ineligible if they’ve illegally crossed the border into the U.S. without attempting to claim asylum in another country they’ve passed through to get there.

Many Democrats were not happy about this proposal, and the approval of sending troops to the border will also anger many of Biden’s fellow party members.

Meanwhile, some Republican senators are also proposing a measure to deal with the coming surge, calling for an expansion of Title 42 by considering the deadly increase of drug smuggling as its own epidemic that would require the measure to stay in place.

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