Biden Urged To Do More After Failed Debate

( – A former communications director for the Trump administration says he believes President Joe Biden will have to make more of an effort if he wants to prove to the American people that he can serve another four years in the White House as Commander-in-Chief.

Anthony Scaramucci, a former communications director under former President Donald Trump, told reporters that he attended a recent fundraising event in East Hampton and thought that Biden “did quite well” while “reading the teleprompter” and “meeting with people.” Despite the compliment, Scaramucci added that he did not think this would “be enough to prove to the American people” that Biden could handle a second term.

The Democratic Party was thrust into panic mode after Biden’s performance last month against Trump on the debate stage. The general consensus, even from the mainstream media that could no longer deny the obvious, was that Biden did not seem well enough to serve another term and should perhaps consider withdrawing from the race. That, of course, raises all sorts of concerns for the party with such a short period of time before the election.

Biden announced the day after the debate that he would not drop out of the race. The two contenders are expected to face off on Sept. 10 for one more debate before the November election. Although he acknowledged his advanced age and that he was not as good at speaking, walking, or debating as he used to be, Biden maintained that he knows “how to tell the truth.”

Scaramucci worked in the Trump administration briefly before leaving and becoming one of the former president’s critics, but even he could not deny Biden’s obvious signs of decline. He suggested Biden appear in more “unscripted settings” where he can take on “fair but tough questions” in a way that demonstrates acuity beyond his ability to read a teleprompter.

Scaramucci suggested several ideas that could help Biden, such as holding lengthy weekly press conferences at the White House until the election, a “60 Minutes” interview, appearing on late-night TV, and having a meeting with the New York Times editorial board to challenge their argument that he should resign.

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