Biden Uses Executive Privilege To Hide Interview Footage

( – President Joe Biden used his executive power to prevent the release of the recordings from Robert Hur’s interview and investigation of Biden for his handling of classified documents. The House Oversight Committee began the process that would hold Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for not providing the audio recordings as requested. In response, Biden signed the executive action to make sure the recordings don’t see the light of day.

While the Hur investigation found that Biden could not be tried for the classified documents, the reasoning behind that conclusion is what Congressional members would like to hear. In his report, Hur said that if Biden were tried for mishandling classified documents, jurors would likely see him as an old man with good intentions and poor memory. The report questioned the president’s mental acuity based on Biden’s interview answers.

The report suggested that President Biden’s memory is “hazy and poor,” because he was unable to recall the dates of important events that happened in the last 15 years. During the interview, Biden was unable to recall when his son Beau Biden passed away. The president could also not remember when he served as Vice President under President Barack Obama. Biden strongly condemned the assertion that his memory was poor in an address that immediately followed the report’s release.

Biden has claimed that the report is a mischaracterization of the interview, but his team is insisting there is no need for the audio to be released to Congress. The transcript of the interview has already been released. Ed Siskel, the White House attorney, wrote a letter addressing the House Representatives that are insisting the audio of the interview should be released. Siskel suggested that the entire purpose and intent of getting access to the interview audio is to clip and manipulate the recording for political gain. Siskel went on to say that the materials are sensitive and using them for political motivations is improper.

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