(TotalConservative.com) – President Joe Biden vowed to ban so-called ‘assault weapons’ “come hell or high water” at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference on the evening of March 1st. The vague term has no real meaning, any weapon can be used for assaulting someone, demonstrating how the Marxists writing Biden’s speeches have to warp and distort language in order to cow compliance from their base.

Biden’s handlers want to ban ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high capacity magazines.’ In reality, they don’t want to ban them, they just want to ban the public from being able to access them. Secret Service and private security contractors employed by our wealthy oligarchs will still have access. Rules for thee, but not for me is the Democrat party motto.

Every time there’s an episode of mass violence where some lunatic goes off, the media and Democrats blame guns and Republicans. They also like to blame the NRA. It also gives them an opportunity to waste taxpayer dollars on compliant blue states. The Department of Justice made $231 million available for ‘crisis intervention.’ This is their discrete way of funding red-flag laws or rewarding states that implement them.

A red flag law is a law that allows the confiscation of weapons in violation of our second amendment rights if someone thinks a gun owner is a little unhinged. One man was killed in Biden’s home state of Maryland in 2018 while police attempted to serve a gun confiscation warrant. Biden’s Marxist pals call this “crisis intervention.”

Biden reminded the audience that the laws only work when family members or neighbors “effectively use this tool.” That’s Biden-speak for calling the authorities to accuse someone of wrong-doing, a popular tool of the communist regimes of the 20th century.

They also want to eliminate ‘high capacity magazines’ which is another loosely defined term. Notice the attempt to chip away at the ability to defend oneself? If a woman was to defend herself from home intruders, if your wife or daughter was in that situation, you would want her to have the most shots possible. The Democrats would prefer criminals have the advantage.

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