Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks to New Low

( – If you thought President Joe Biden’s approval rating couldn’t sink any lower than it’s been recently, you were wrong. A new NBC poll shows that Joe Biden’s approval is at its lowest point yet with just 37% of respondents approving of his performance. When asked about his handling of the Israel-Palestinian war less than 30% approved.

Many respondents suggested Trump would be handling the economy and border better than Biden if he were the current chief executive. Trump led Biden by 5 points in the poll when asked which they’d vote for if the election was held presently, 47% voted for Trump over Biden’s 42%.

Voters also preferred a Republican-controlled Congress 49% to 45%. Commenters have suggested the GOP is in a position to sweep the 2024 elections with a mandate unlike anything seen since Reagan.

Biden is behind Trump when it comes to policy and personal reasons by 20 points, and it’s even worse on immigration and the border. Biden trails Trump by 30 points when asked about that issue in isolation.

Many Americans may be waking up to the fact that Joe Biden isn’t really in charge of the office he was elected to. Speaker Johnson made the claim on Friday, February 2nd, that Joe Biden’s staff may be preventing him from taking executive action on the border which begs the question, who’s actually in charge?

Biden has repeatedly said he doesn’t have the authority to fix the border problem, thus necessitating the passage of new legislation on the matter, but Republicans have rebuffed this claim repeatedly. Trump himself also highlighted that he didn’t need a bill to secure the border.

Johnson and House conservatives also highlighted dozens of specific policies that Biden either passed or revoked using his executive authority and how that contributed to the current border crisis.

These included ending construction of the border wall, expanding the definition of who was covered by the DACA program, endorsing a bill that would grant citizenship to those here illegally, and revoking many Trump-era restrictions on immigration.

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