Biden’s Close Advisor Facing Conflict of Interest Scrutiny

( – As auto workers strike against inflation and mandating electric vehicles (EV), new concerns about conflict of interest and nepotism have arisen after a revelation that the brother of a close advisor for President Joe Biden is also a General Motors (GM) lobbyist.

Some have noticed that a GM lobbyist, Jeff Ricchetti, is the biological brother of Steve Ricchetti, the current Counselor to the President and once a GM lobbyist himself from 2001 to 2008, just a few years before becoming then-Vice President Biden’s counselor under former President Barrack Obama and eventually Chief of Staff. Before all of that, while Biden was a Delaware senator, both brothers were lobbying the Senate for GM.

And this isn’t the first link between the White House and the auto manufacturing company: Biden also has ties to Mary Barra, the CEO of GM.

Since Biden took office, Jeff Ricchetti has racked in more than half a million dollars, a dramatic increase in earnings since the presidency changed hands. The watchdog group Open Secrets said that Jeff Ricchetti’s “rapid rise in lobbying revenue” means “corporate interests believe” he can help them gain access to the White House through his brother to get a cut of the $2.3 trillion infrastructure package.

The revelations showing how close the president is to GM executives and lobbyists come on the heels of a massive union strike against the automobile manufacturer, alongside its two largest competitors, Stellantis and Ford. Strikers are demanding better wages as they are impacted by record inflation. They are also calling for federal commitments that Biden’s mandate to transition the US economy toward using EVs won’t eliminate their jobs in the process.

The increase in EVs already resulted in wage cuts for auto workers in America, and there’s a growing concern that millions of their jobs will eventually be cut as society explores options outside the combustion engine.

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