In Sign Number 4,325 that America is in decline, black students at Syracuse University in New York have taken command of a campus building in a protest that makes a mockery of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. The students aren’t protesting discrimination. They aren’t protesting unfair treatment. They aren’t protesting segregation. Indeed, far from it. These students are protesting because they don’t believe they should be forced to share housing with white Syracuse students.

Long sigh. Deep breath. Okay.

“The general consensus is that black students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of Black students, may feel safer and better rooming with other Black students rather than saying the same race has an implementation of a profile system or a portal system. That includes interests as well as race,” a student protester told the media.

The group is going under the moniker #NotAgainSU.

But it seems to us that “again” is exactly what the students want.

“I get anxiety attacks, I have panic attacks and this university took my mental health. I was one of the happiest people before I came here,” one female protester said. “I hate it here.”

Oh. Well, um, you could always leave, y’know?

But the student’s assertion apparently struck a chord, because it started a crowd-wide chant: “I hate it here, I hate it here!”

Apparently all of these students are being forced to attend Syracuse against their will. Who knew?

“The demands include requiring faculty and staff to undergo diversity training, establishing a housing portal where students can select roommates based on mutual interests and identities, and allocation of $1 million for the creation of a curriculum ‘that educates the campus on diversity issues, specifically anti-racism,’” reports CNN.

And what do you imagine will happen the first time a white student requests to be housed with white roommates only? Well, we’re guessing the black students will be back out on the quad, screaming about how much they “hate” the university.

At its heart, this is not about racism. This is another story of an overprivileged, underchallenged generation that expects the world to bow before their every demand. How Generation X screwed up so badly in its collective parenting of these folks, we’ll never fully understand, but damn. It was an astounding failure.