In New York City, students are no longer being held accountable for their actions. Steal from another student, get caught with drugs, or physically assault someone else, and you may still be able to avoid being suspended. How? Why, by being a minority, of course!

New rules are going into effect for the New York Public School District aimed at ensuring that black students are not suspended at higher rates than their white counterparts. Whether they actually commit more offenses or not doesn’t matter. Because what’s important is that NYC give the impression of fairness, not that they actually make their schools safer.

Instead of suspending students, the district demands that something called “restorative justice” be used. In other words, the students will go through a therapeutic process with school guidance counselors instead of being punished in any meaningful way. Unfortunately, this approach to discipline has been tried elsewhere and the results have been dismal. Of course, when you don’t suspend students, it does bring down suspension rates, so if that’s your ultimate goal then I guess everything’s fine.

In cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Syracuse, these progressive policies have led to a complete collapse of the disciplinary system, pitting even teacher’s unions against Democratic politicians. Student behavior has only worsened in these districts, with reported increases in fights, threats towards teachers, and violence even among elementary students.

But none of that matters, you see, because we’re looking at this behavior in the wrong way. According to Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan, these “young people are now taking control of the environment.” Exactly, you might say! But what you don’t understand is that Duncan sees that as a good thing:

It’s sort of a counterintuitive thing for many of us as adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others, often the better things are. And empowering teenagers to be part of the solution, having them control the environment, control the culture, be the leaders, listening to them, respecting them — when we do that, wonderful things happen for kids in communities that didn’t happen historically.

Most of this nonsense is driven by civil rights activists like the Pacific Educational Group. Their goal is to “achieve racial justice in our schools.” At any costs. PEG’s workshops implore white teachers to check their “racial bias” when dealing with unruly black students. Instead of stamping out bad behavior, they are taught to understand that black culture consists of being more emotional and physical. That black boys should be given a pass on acting out because that’s how they “engage in learning.” If the other students can’t engage in learning while this is going on, well, that’s just what they deserve for America’s history of racism, isn’t it?

You don’t need a crystal ball to see how this is going to turn out. We’re headed right back to segregation, and liberals are leading the charge. Parents aren’t going to sit by forever and watch the public schools they send their children to devolve into wastelands of violence and crime. You don’t “solve” racism by erasing expectations. And you sure as hell don’t improve our educational system by giving bad behavior a free pass based on skin color.