Having looked at the early voting numbers, Barack Obama knew that black voters were not exactly thrilled about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Knowing that his legacy was in jeopardy, Obama stooped to embarrassing new lows, pleading directly with his black supporters in the last weeks of the election.

“I need you to go out and nag the heck out of folks who aren’t voting; I need you to tell them that Barack is personally asking them,” he said at one event. He even went as far as to tell the crowd that he would take it as a “personal insult” if black voters stayed home on election day.

Judging by the final tally, Obama must be feeling mighty insulted these days.

But really, why would Obama’s black supporters go out of their way to do him any favors? They came out in force for him twice. Twice, he failed to do anything to improve their lives. What, they owe him limitless allegiance just because he happens to be black?

If you go by the state of the country, you’d have to think that black Americans are worse off today than they were before Obama ever took office. Somehow, most cops suddenly turned into racist psychopaths in the age of Obama. Right? That’s what we’re told, anyway. That alone has to count against the nation’s first black president, no? What the hell, dude?

Of course, the problem wasn’t that Obama didn’t care about the blacks who voted for him – the problem is that he believes in misguided, statist policies that lock Americans in generational poverty. From that perspective, blacks should be relieved that Obama spent little time on specifically racial policies. The more he focuses on a problem, the worse the problem gets.

If Trump can be half as good for this country as his supporters hope, maybe he can break the chains keeping blacks tied to the Democratic Party. And then, when those voters are asked for a favor, they’ll be a little more willing to respond.