In a statement this week, Customs and Border Protection Chief Mark Morgan warned that Joe Biden’s plans to halt some of President Trump’s most effective border orders will have a predictable and damaging effect on illegal immigration to the United States. Morgan was especially critical of Biden’s intentions to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy – a cooperative agreement that has prevented hordes of (mostly ineligible) asylum seekers from crossing the border, where they wind up in detention camps or – worse – get set free into the country where many of them are never seen again.

Morgan warned that moving away from that agreement – and other, similar ones, that the U.S. has in place with Central America – would lead to “waves of attempted illegal entries” into the country, much like the caravan-led surges we saw in late 2018 and early 2019.

Biden and his team have said in recent weeks that they may have been too hasty in promising “Day One” actions on the Remain in Mexico policy and other Trump-era rollbacks, but Morgan told the Washington Examiner this week that delaying these policies would only delay their eventual destructive effects.

“All’s he’s done, really, you know, is kick the crisis can down the road six months,” said Morgan. “Whatever time, you know, Title 42 goes way, [Migrant Protection Protocols] goes away, that that’s when we’re going to see the crisis 2.0.”

Morgan said that illegal immigration – though it remains a steady and unrelenting problem at the border – has faded from the headlines because of Trump’s policies.

“Even though 2,500 a day’s crisis numbers, it doesn’t feel like a crisis because we have the authorities to effectively address it,” said Morgan. “If you take away those authorities, that 2,500 per day becomes a crisis almost overnight because now, we’re bringing them in our facilities. Our facilities are going to be overcrowded once again. If you take away the ability to have them wait in Mexico while we’re doing that, then where do we hold them? We’re not going to be able to take them through that whole process in 20 days. It’s just not going to happen.

“The only end result would be to reinstate catch and release,” he continued. “That means we’re going to be right back in 2019. We’re going to be dropping people off at bus stops. We’re going to be dropping people off at immigration — NGO immigration shelters along the border.”

This is the inevitable scenario that Biden’s policies will invite. And if he implements something along the lines of mass amnesty, the situation will grow worse by an order of magnitude. At the very moment that we were finally making some meager progress in the fight against illegal immigration, this guy is going to come along and smash that progress into so much rubble.