If you needed any further evidence that Democrats should be kept as far away from government as possible, the latest numbers from Pew Research Center should shore up the argument. The polling organization asked Republicans and Democrats what they saw as the most pressing threats against the United States. Number one on the list for Democrats – beating out Iran’s nuclear program, ISIS, and Illegal immigration – was climate change. 68% of surveyed Democrats thought global warming was the ultimate threat to the country.

This wasn’t a write-in vote, of course; respondents had to pick from the list Pew Research provided. If they had been free to come up with their own threats, I can’t help but wonder what else would have been on their list. Dracula, maybe. Cisgendered white men, perhaps. The Washington Redskins would probably find a home on their list, if just for the icky, sad way it makes them feel about all those poor Native Americans. We stole their land, you know? Did you know that? Are you ashamed of the past yet?


Sadly, 25% of Republicans also consider climate change a major threat to the U.S., though it was unclear whether they meant the temperatures or the whole notion. If it was the latter, I could be tempted to agree. Climate change policies have a disastrous effect on American jobs, drive up costs needlessly, and punish industries that form the backbone of the economy. Yeah, I would classify that as a major threat.

To their credit, a majority of Democrats do at least consider ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups to be a major threat. 65% of Democrats believe that ISIS is a threat as compared with 78% of Republicans.

Not that simply believing in the threat is going to do anything; Obama is committed to a hands-off approach when it comes to Syrian fighting, and he doesn’t seem much more enthusiastic about fighting ISIS in Iraq. Now that Democrats have reaffirmed that climate change is more important anyway, he’ll be able to feel good about that decision.

Obama is very interested in climate change, though. To the relief of Democrats across the country, he has already decided that he will evade Congress on the way to convening a new international treaty on the subject. Instead of getting congressional approval, he has decided to take matters into his own hands. By “naming and shaming” countries whose emissions specs aren’t up to his standards, he hopes to embarrass them into signing voluntary pledges. From early reports, it appears this is one of his most prioritized initiatives for the coming year.

Meanwhile, ISIS grows stronger.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants pour into the country.

Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act destroys jobs.

Meanwhile, Obama golfs.