God save the queer!

Well, that might not be the saying, but in a few years, who knows? It would certainly tickle the fancy of those in the British Boarding School Association. They’re the authors of a new guide for teachers in England, helping them deal with the brave new world of sexual orientation and gender identity politics.

“Teachers, heads, and deputy heads were asking questions about these issues and they felt they were in the dark on what was politically correct and had fears of causing offense as young people largely between the ages of 13 and 18 were questioning their gender identity,” said Alex Thompson of the BSA.

Thompson apparently felt that his organization could help answer some of those questions. As part of the BSA’s efforts to “queer the education system,” they are encouraging school officials to learn a “new language.”

Part of that new language? Transgender children should be referred to with the gender-neutral pronoun “zie” from now on.

Wait, doesn’t that just mark them as freaks? Isn’t the point of a person “changing genders” that they want to be the opposite of what they were born as? They don’t want to be “transgender.” They want to be a woman or a man or whatever. Right? That’s what all of this is about, isn’t it?

Is anyone going to stand up and tell the truth about this madness, or are we just going to start rewriting thousands of years’ worth of settled cultural beliefs, several hundreds’ years worth of American common sense, and several decades’ worth of established modern science in the service of this lunacy? Seriously? After 6,000 years, we suddenly have this huge explosion of men who were accidentally born female and vice versa? This can’t be real life…

Progressive ideology is taking root and spreading like a disease on both sides of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, this rising tide is drowning out intelligent thought, our common culture, and the future of human civilization. We’re coming unmoored from our bedrock beliefs. Liberalism is taking us around the moon and out into space, all in the pursuit of “change.”

We can hope for a breaking point. Maybe it’s coming. But when they can get away with stuff like “zie,” you kinda start to wonder if people really are as dumb as liberals assume they are.