The soon-to-be Vice President of the U.S. Mike Pence paid a visit to Washington on Thursday to speak with Republican leaders in the House of Representatives. In that meeting, Pence reportedly advised GOP officials to be prepared for a fast-moving agenda coming out of the new Trump administration.

“Buckle up,” Pence told the congressmen, because the President-elect does not intend to sit on his haunches in the White House. Pence told House Republicans that “we’re going to move an agenda” sharply focused on military spending and strengthening the American economy.

“Donald Trump is a man of action and we’re counting on you,” Pence said on Capitol Hill.

According to Rep. Lou Barletta, Pence did not mention building a wall across the Mexican border, but did spend some time asking GOP leaders for some suggestions on administration appointments.

In an interview with Fox News, Rep. Kevin McCarthy said that he wanted to put legislation for the wall on Trump’s desk for him to sign on his first day in office. Trump himself has already reiterated his intent to build the wall, though he did admit that he would accept fencing in “certain areas.”

According to Rep. Chris Collins, who is working directly with the transition team as its liaison in Congress, Pence told lawmakers that Trump would be looking to tear through many of President Obama’s executive orders.

“We applaud that,” he said. “He will be reversing many of them.”

Well, all there is to do now is to wait. The success of Trump’s presidency will be decided less by which specific policies he pushes through and more by what effect he has on the bottom line. On the wall, for instance. If Trump builds the wall and it does nothing to stop the surge, it would be a bigger failure than if he abandoned the wall while creating an air-tight border by other means. So there is plenty of time and room for President Trump to pursue the best possible legislation, especially if congressional Republicans are fully on board.

Hopefully VP Pence will be an invaluable piece of the puzzle, especially since his conservative bona fides are beyond dispute.