Bud Light Marketing Exec JUST NOW Resigning

(TotalConservative.com) – In a significant shake-up, Anheuser-Busch revealed that its U.S. marketing head is stepping down, marking an exit that follows a downturn in the dominance of its flagship brand, Bud Light.

The brewing behemoth announced that Benoit Garbe, the U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, will bid adieu at the close of 2023 to venture into new professional avenues. Kyle Norrington, the U.S. Chief Commercial Officer, will now steer the marketing efforts, with other sales leaders reporting directly to CEO Brendan Whitworth.

Whitworth expressed confidence in the leadership shuffle, emphasizing that these changes aim to propel the company’s resurgence in brewing exceptional beer, shedding layers of management to foster growth. He underscored this strategy in an emailed statement, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to creating memorable experiences.

Bud Light, an erstwhile market leader, surrendered its crown to Modelo Especial earlier this year. The brand faced a persistent decline in sales while Modelo’s parent company, Constellation Brands, made significant strides in captivating younger beer aficionados.

An ill-fated marketing collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney fueled controversy and backlash against Bud Light. The aftermath saw conservative figures denouncing the brand, vowing to boycott the beer and even discarding cans of it publicly.

Benoit Garbe’s resignation comes after the tumultuous events and the brand’s attempt to reestablish rapport with estranged Bud Light customers. The reported decline in Bud Light’s sales by 29% in the last four weeks and nearly 19% for the year signifies a challenging phase for the brand.

Nevertheless, amidst the downturn, Anheuser-Busch indicates hope with research revealing a potential rebound. Over 40% of former Bud Light consumers express willingness to re-engage with the brand, signaling a potential shift in the right direction.

In response to this optimistic data, AB InBev CEO Michel Doukeris expressed confidence in the brand’s trajectory, affirming a clear roadmap to steer Bud Light towards a resurgence.

The departure of Garbe and the subsequent restructuring aim to chart a new course for Bud Light, rekindling its lost market prowess while striving to resonate with its audience once again.

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