Hey, remember “Clock Boy?”

In 2015, a young man named Ahmed Mohamed came to school in Irving, Texas armed with a homemade clock that bore more than a passing resemblance to a bomb. After being told multiple times to put the clock away, he was ultimately sent to the principal’s office and put under arrest by the local police. Charged with making a hoax bomb and suspended for three days for his foolishness, Mohamed suddenly became a darling of the Democrats, who ached to position him as a victim of the worst kind of discrimination – MUSLIM discrimination.

The young idiot even won himself a trip to the White House and a pat on the back from President Obama. The charges against the boy were dropped under significant media pressure and the boy’s family went to live in Qatar.

Egged on by organizations like CAIR (and triggering some speculation that this was the plan all along), the Mohamed family filed a lawsuit against the Irving school district, the city, and several individuals at the school and in the police department.

We have to say, even though more than two years have elapsed since this story was in the headlines, it still gave us a little shiver of joy to see a federal judge slap this nonsense out of his courtroom this week.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay ruled Tuesday that the suit be “dismissed with prejudice” and that “all relief requested by plaintiff is denied.”

The lawsuit, wrote the judge, “does not contain sufficient factual allegations from which the court can reasonably infer that A.M. was subject to unequal disciplinary treatment based on his religion or race.”

Lindsay elaborated: “Mr. Mohamed has not identified a specific policy, or adequately alleged a custom or practice, that was the moving force behind any alleged violation of A.M.’s Fourth Amendment rights.”

The Mohamed family, hoping for a quick payday, apparently had the misfortune of drawing a judge who does not buy into the whole “Well, you’re a Muslim who was disciplined by the white man, so of COURSE you were discriminated against” narrative that certain other courts have been susceptible to in the past. Sounds like he actually has some familiarity with the law, which puts him quite a ways ahead of the fools sitting on, say, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Not only do we take satisfaction in knowing that the Mohamed family is not going to get away with this transparent hoax on the American civil litigation system, we also take comfort in knowing that this final ruling will dissuade copycats from taking a similar path to fame and fortune. God knows, one “clock boy” in a generation is more than enough.