(TotalConservative.com) – California state senator Scott Wiener is not unfamiliar with controversy. His past exploits have included a bill that made it easier for convicted sex offenders to avoid being added to a registry, decriminalizing the intentional spread of HIV, and transferring men who identified as women into women’s prisons. He’s also a fan of publicly funded drug-injection sites and decriminalizing prostitution.

What else could Sen. Wiener do to advance Democrat-led radical gender ideology? He crafted legislation that makes California a “sanctuary state” for minors who want access to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and other cosmetic surgeries for the treatment of gender dysphoria. That law went into effect on January 1st and remains incredibly controversial across the United States.

Calling California “a state of refuge for trans kids & their families” Wiener attacked “red states” claiming that they were criminalizing gay and trans people without offering specific examples. Wiener’s bill allows minors and their families to avoid any out-of-state warrants, subpoenas, or any other child custody issues as long as that minor is currently in California and seeking a medicalized transition to appear as the opposite sex.

The law also expressly prohibits the participation of California’s own law enforcement apparatus from arresting anyone for being in violation of out-of-state laws regarding the medical transitions of minors. It further advises courts within California to abrogate any out-of-state laws that allow the state to remove children from parental custody for seeking medicalized sexual transitions, as long as there is a case pending in California.

Many detransitioners (individuals who began a medicalized transition only later to regret the process) spoke out against the law before it went into effect. Erin Friday is a mother and lawyer in the state of California who pointed out the problems with this law: “No questions asked, no real mental health assessment, minimal diagnosis, and no parental consent.” She added that any minor who can make their way to California will have access to irreversible treatment.

Scott Wiener and his supporters think that’s a good thing.

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