According to Southern California Public Radio, immigration experts believe that California could be on the verge of a major spike in illegal immigration. Specifically, they see signs indicating that 2016 could bring with it a significant surge in unaccompanied minors from Mexico.

SCPR spoke with Adam Hunter, the director of the Immigration and the States Project for Pew Charitable Trusts. He said that by examining Border Patrol numbers from the spring, we could get a sense of what summer might have in store. Since the majority of immigrant minors have historically crossed the border in the summertime, Hunter thinks that the year’s numbers thus far signal a surge on the horizon.

“The numbers are well above this point in 2015 and they’re even higher than this point from 2014, which was a significant surge year,” Hunter told SCPR.

Indeed. More than 65,000 minors arrived in the U.S. in 2014, most of them from Central American countries. Last year saw a significant decrease in the surge, but Hunter believes that we’ll see a rebound effect in the coming months.

Of course, SCPR and Hunter and California Governor Jerry Brown…they treat this like a weather forecast. Seriously, they talk about community preparedness in the same way they would talk about predictions of El Nino. The idea that the federal government might turn these immigrants away at the border instead of sending them to live in California where they can suckle at the taxpayer teat is not even seriously considered. Because, of course, we have a president who refuses to do his job and a Congress that refuses to do theirs.

You might expect the station’s public radio listeners to lean to the left, but the comments on the article show there is a deep frustration among Californians.

“As a Californian I can say without a doubt that the invasion is almost complete,” said one commenter. “The school I attended is now ‘la escuela primera’. English speaking children are removed from class to learn Spanish and not the other way around. It may not be too late for the rest of the country, although YOUR taxes will be going to support OUR illegals.”

Almost without fail, the mainstream media paints a picture of California that fails to tell the whole story. The state does trend liberal, but there are millions of residents who know better than almost anyone in the country what unrestrained illegal immigration can do to a once-great land. We would do well to heed their warnings.