According to a new report in the Los Angeles Times, there has been a run on firearms in the closing weeks of 2016 and most area distributors believe it has something to do with a new law going into effect on January 1.

From the L.A. Times:

Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval of sweeping gun control legislation in July has triggered a run on firearms in California, with some stores reporting sales have doubled since then.


“When Gov. Brown signed that bill, the first 30 days in July were just insane,” said Joshua Deaser, the owner of Just Guns, a store in Sacramento. “It died down for a while but now we are back with everyone trying to get what they can before the end of the year.”

The paper spoke to several Los Angeles gun distributors and heard the same story everywhere they went.

As of January 1, Californians will be prohibited from purchasing semiautomatic rifles equipped with quick-release buttons that allow the user to change out their magazines more quickly. Those who already have rifles with that technology will be permitted to keep them…as long as they register the guns with the state as “assault weapons.”

Liberals really are living in their own reality, are they not?

Dealers will not be celebrating this new law for long, but you can’t blame them for making hay while the sun is shining. California sellers are currently enjoying the fruits of Democratic Party overreach, a benefit gun dealers all over the country have noticed since President Obama took office. These laws will eventually break the industry altogether, but in the meantime, Obama and Jerry Brown are two of the most successful gun salesmen in America.

According to the California Department of Justice, twice as many semiautomatic rifles have been registered in 2016 as in 2015. Just since Brown signed the bill into law this summer, some 257,000 such rifles have been sold in the state. That blows away the number of semiautomatic rifles sold last year: 153,931.

But semiautomatic rifles aren’t the only firearms flying off the shelves in California. According to the L.A. Times, there has been a 40% jump in overall gun sales this year.

These statist solutions to gun violence are so ridiculous and counter-productive that you almost wonder if the NRA is secretly behind them. Really! What better way to get gun sales up than to put Democrats in office who will threaten to make firearms illegal?

That’s not actually what’s happening, but the logic of these laws is so stupid that you can’t help but look for hidden rationality somewhere.

It’s not there.