According to experts, the integrity of California’s voter registration system is in serious doubt due to the state’s policies protecting illegal immigrants. In interviews with Fox News, several election fraud specialists said that California isn’t doing enough to make sure that illegal immigrants do not vote. And with roughly 2.5 million such illegals residing in the state, the situation could easily lead to widespread fraud.

“If you are talking about California, the state is apparently relying on the illegal alien to tell the state they shouldn’t be registered. There is still an honor system,” said Hans von Spakovsky, an election law expert with the Heritage Foundation.

Charles Bell, Jr., a lawyer specializing in election fraud, told Fox News that California voting officials were essentially relying on illegal immigrants to be honest about their citizenship status. Voter registration forms simply ask applicants to check a box that says they are American citizens, but there’s no system in place to check that claim against federal records.

“We have an honor system, which is effective for people who are honorable, but is also an opportunity for people who are not honorable,” Bell said. “There is a gap in the system, and we don’t have administrative folks who will be aggressive about looking into that.”

Part of the problem is that California lets illegal immigrants apply for drivers’ licenses, which automatically puts them on the voter rolls. And while the state’s DMV offices deny that this is the case, their applicant information is not shared with the public.

It’s unclear how many illegal immigrants would risk deportation by voting, but experts warn the problem could be more widespread than studies have shown. And since this has become the very definition of a partisan issue, few expect the deep-blue California legislature to do much in the way of investigating the problem.

Fact is, Democrats benefit wildly when states lower the barrier of entry for voters, and it has nothing to do with cost or convenience or any of their other excuses. The party is on a mission to weaken our election laws and they’re using political correctness to make it seem like they’re the noble guardians of democracy. If this hasn’t become a national crisis yet, just give it time.