California Proposes $12M Reparations Plan

( – Radical reparations advocates who believe black Americans are due some kickbacks because their great-great-great-plus grandparent was a slave put aside $12 million in the California state budget (already overblown by $47 billion) to fund various potential programs to help black Californians.

The state legislature is currently occupied with a Democrat supermajority, so the radical programs with the potential to bankrupt the left-leaning state are likely to pass, regardless of the damage they might do long-term. Some of the programs being debated included government discounts on property taxes as well as the state giving priority to blacks for state licenses or work permits.

Leftist legislators also want to expand critical race ideology by forming another new government office called the California American Freedman Affairs Agency which would be responsible for determining eligibility.

Most Californians don’t want cash reparations and so the Democrats are attempting to reimagine the initiative in other ways.

Black legislators seemed to approve; Assemblywoman Lori Wilson (D) said that leadership was attempting to acknowledge “the obligation” the government has to the descendants of slavery. She did not elaborate on what that obligation was, specifically, nor if there were any implied limits though it seems cash reparations are off the table for now due to the budget crisis.

The state legislature is considering a bundle of 15 different bills all linked to reparations with the most controversial bills being subsidizing property taxes and priority state-processing for black Californians. Critics contend the programs would violate the Constitution’s equal protections clause. They also pointed out that the Supreme Court nullified affirmative action last year which makes race a consideration for competitive programs.

Democrats have discussed the possibility of spending hundreds of billions on reparations in the past. The numbers seem to inflate every time they bring it up. Members of the task force assigned to study the possibility wanted to disperse $1.2 million in state funds to black Californians. Some critics highlight that the programs are a naked attempt to buy the votes of black Americans as Biden’s popularity has been noticeably dropping with young black men.

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