If you want to see what’s in store for the rest of the country, California’s a good place to look. The west coast has been a liberal harbinger for America – a testing ground for Democrats who have a stranglehold on the state’s leadership. No idea is too kooky for Californians, and their willing acceptance of liberalism has a tendency to spread.

Much like a virus.

The latest disease to catch fire in California is automatic voter registration. This weekend, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461 into law. The bill will automatically register adults to vote when they procure or renew their state driver’s licenses. They are following Oregon’s lead on this one, hoping to improve on last November’s dismal electoral turnout.

“In a free society, the right to vote is fundamental,” said Secretary of State Alex Padilla. “We do not have to opt-in to other rights, such as free speech or due process. The right to vote should be no different.”

Hmm, what about the right to bear arms? Why are American citizens required to jump through hoops to get a gun if this is the Democratic Party’s stance on constitutional rights? Can we expect Brown and Padilla to start slashing California’s gun control laws to stay consistent with this “opt-in” ideology?

Probably not, eh?

This wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world if we could trust the government to maintain a watchful eye over fraud. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In fact, Democrats in California and around the country are actively pursuing legislation that makes it easier to vote illegally. Insisting there is no such thing as voter fraud, they have viciously fought against Republican efforts to require voter ID.

It’s a little funny to oppose that legislation while making sure registration is tied to state identification, but this is all part of a process. A slow, sure process that will eventually weaken the integrity of our democracy. First, give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Next, wipe out voter ID laws. Finally, enact this kind of automatic registration. Before you know it, our elections are a free-for-all.

Oh, but they insist that will never happen. Sure. Right. Whatever you say.

It’s tough to take all the talk from these guys seriously. Their earnest pleas for political involvement are undermined by the fact that Democrats benefit enormously from higher turnout. This isn’t about preserving voter rights; this is about securing a generation of liberal dominance. The uninformed, the lazy, and the ignorant tend to vote for Democrats. That alone should say something about this party. If you are too poor or too stupid to get a state ID card, chances are you’re a Democrat.

Maybe we should just scrap voting laws altogether. Vote early, vote often, don’t worry about registration. Don’t even worry about being a citizen. You’re sixteen? Vote away! Hell, we could make it a call-in thing and tap into all of those American Idol fans. Can’t you just see Hillary Clinton standing in front of a camera, holding up two fingers to remind voters which number to call?

Of course, then we have to make sure every American has a phone.

Oh, and we can’t hold the election when low-wage workers are likely to be pulling the late shift.

And what about people who live in Mexico, Canada, and other countries that have a vested interest in our elections?

This rabbit hole goes deep, but the more ignorant voters we have at the polls, the faster we can get this stuff done.