Calls for Omar’s Deportation Grow

( – After a clip of her controversial comments about Somalia went viral, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is now facing backlash from conservatives, many of whom are calling on the congresswomen to be deported.

A recent remark made by Omar, who is a Somali American as well as Muslim, sparked outrage from Republicans and conservative commentators after a clip of the congresswomen commenting on Somalia went viral on social media. In the clip, Omar mentioned a recent deal between a breakaway region of Somalia called Somaliland and Ethiopia that would give the landlocked nation maritime access.

The remarks weren’t in English, but according to translations of the clip by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland, Ambassador Rhoda J. Elmi, who first shared the remarks, Omar said she saw herself as a “Somalian first” and a “Muslim second.” Omar also purportedly said that she’s trying “to protect” Somalia’s interest “from inside” the American system. Elmi also claims that Omar said that someday, Somalis “will go after” their “missing territories.”

Omar responded to the controversy by defending her remarks and claiming that the translations that went viral were “completely off.” She called those slamming her for the remarks “propagandists.” Republicans and conservative commentators blasted the congresswoman and accused her of putting the interests of a foreign nation above the US, the one in which she serves as a representative.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is one of the lawmakers who blasted Omar, who Greene accused of flaunting the use of her position in office “to protect Somalia’s border” as the US border is being “invaded by MILLIONS of illegals” who put the US in danger.

Matt Walsh, a well-known conservative pundit, also responded to the remarks and urged every Republican congress member to call for Omar’s expulsion and deportation “back to where she came from.” Others were accusing her of breaking her oath of office, her oath of citizenship, and even of treason. Omar maintains that her remarks have been misunderstood.

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