A strange thing has happened in this country where even Hillary Clinton may not be “progressive” enough to satisfy the Democrat base. In a hilarious turn of events, political activists are now criticizing her yet-to-be-announced campaign for consisting of “too many white men.” Exposed by – who else? – The Daily Beast, Democrats are fretting over the fact that Clinton’s political hires “haven’t taken gender and racial diversity into account.”

According to Aimee Allison of PowerPAC, “Democrats need a leader that can bring together races and nationalities, especially now and especially to win.” She and other top Democrats are worried that Clinton’s white male-dominated campaign advisory coalition is going to hurt her chances to draw in minority votes.

Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

It’s just another example of how far to the left Democrats and their supporters have drifted over the last decade. It was reflected last week, when Twitter lit up with outrage over the all-white field of Oscar nominees in the top acting categories. At this stage in the game, everything is about maximizing diversity for these lunatics. They want to do away with the meritocracy that America has long treasured. Now, it’s far more important to make sure “people of color” have adequate representation than to make sure the best people for the job are rewarded.

Hillary Clinton, whatever else she might be, is a person committed to success. She may espouse all of those liberal values, but she is no liberal in her personal life. She is a win-at-any-costs political powerhouse along with her husband, and she’s not going to outfit her campaign with women and minorities if there are white men better suited for the job. If the concerns illuminated in the Beast article catch fire, she may be sunk by her own liberal base. Because as wacky as Clinton’s political ideas may be, they are nothing compared to those on the San Francisco fringe.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Republicans are getting all the media attention for fractures within the party, but there is an equally-revealing split over on the left. These are the imbeciles who think the problem with Obama is that he isn’t liberal enough. These are the morons who want to repeal the Second Amendment. These are the idiots who think chickens are sentient thinkers whose hopes and dreams are dashed when they are killed for food. This is the new Democrat base, and Clinton is going to have to veer wildly out of sync with the American people if she wants to secure their votes.

It could provide Republicans with just the opening they need to take back the White House in 2016.