Let’s put it plainly: If the U.S. government could prove that Donald Trump or his associates colluded with the Russians to hack the Democratic National Committee last year, Trump would not be president right now. In fact, we strongly doubt he would have ever been allowed within 100 miles of his own inauguration.

And if he HAD colluded with the Russians, the government WOULD have proof of it. Does anyone think otherwise? Does anyone believe for a second that the combined intelligence community of the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and God knows what else could be duped by a New York real estate billionaire? We think Trump is well on his way to being a great president, but this would have been a job beyond any president in history. It’s unthinkable and ridiculous.

And with every passing day, the clarity with which we can understand that this entire investigation was a fraud all along gets stronger and stronger. It’s hardly even a matter of debate any longer. Trump did not collude with the Russians. End of story.

But of course, as far as Democrats are concerned, that’s NOT the end of the story. Because they want to drag this thing out until the 2020 election and beyond, if necessary. And so now they’ve got their little special counsel to not only investigate the Russian angle, but also to see if President Trump attempted to obstruct justice. Which brings to mind a very interesting question: Even if we concede that Trump acted improperly in a couple of his meetings with former FBI Director James Comey…is it really possible to “obstruct” a fake investigation? Can you really obstruct “justice” when the investigation you’re obstructing has absolutely nothing to do with justice?

Trump, new to the world of politics, likely didn’t know that he was crossing some blurry ethical boundaries when he asked Comey to “let Flynn go” back in February. Okay. Now he knows. But when it comes to an obstruction charge, that’s weaksauce. And the rest of their obstruction allegations are far, far weaker. The idea that they would nail Trump for asking Justice Department and FBI personnel to tell the public WHAT THEY HAD ALREADY TOLD HIM – i.e., that he was not personally under investigation – rises to the level of interference is absurd. And forget about saying that Trump obstructed justice by firing James Comey. What else COULD he have done when he realized that Comey was acting as a pawn for Democrat Party interests?

Obama’s leftover Deep State is looking for any avenue through which they can take the president down. If they can’t get him on their phony collusion charges, they’ll get him on “obstructing” the phony collusion charges. It’s outrageous, it’s undemocratic, and the American people are just about fed up with the whole thing.