Canada’s Government Supports Gender Inclusion – In Africa

( – The Canadian government just pledged $1.7 million toward efforts in Africa to shift legislation and generate more acceptance of LGBTQ people abroad on the Canadian taxpayers’ dime.

On Thursday, May 9, Liberal MP Anita Vandenbeld announced a $1.7 million budget would be devoted to funding international organizations devoted to LGBT causes. Vandenbeld, who is parliamentary secretary for the Minister of International Development, used the larger acronym “2SLGBTQI+” which is more commonly used in Canada.

Vandenbeld made the announcement at a conference hosted by a coalition of Canadian LGBT groups called the “Dignity Network,” and said that groups who oppose the rights of “2SLGBTQI+” individuals are “well-funded” themselves and “globally coordinated.”

Activists at the conference complained about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who promised funding for such efforts but has yet to deliver. Vandenbeld said $1 million of the current proposal would go toward an American-led research project aimed at reducing “discrimination” of LGBT people, and the other $700,000 would go toward an LGBT group based out of Toronto called “Rainbow Railroad.”

As part of the 2024 budget, Trudeau plans to dish out a total of $150 million towards promoting LGBT initiatives abroad and at home, all of which will be covered by taxpayers.

Attendees of the conference specifically asked for additional funding toward activism opposing pro-family laws in countries like Ghana and Uganda, which have particularly heavy restrictions on LGBT ideology and practices. Last February, Ghana banned all behavior and activism related to LGBT, which includes penalties for engaging in homosexual or trans behavior, and also banned so-called “gender-affirming care” procedures.

While the West has mostly embraced homosexuality and now transgenderism, most African nations reject these concepts and have passed strict legislation opposing it. Meanwhile, average Canadians are confused as to why millions of dollars in their hard-earned tax money is going toward promoting LGBT ideology overseas while they face more immediate problems in their own country.

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