Canadian Activist Who Helped Pass Legislation in the U.S. Assaulted in Vancouver

( – Canadian activist Chris Elston, also known as Billboard Chris, who’s been making strides in helping to formulate and pass legislation throughout the U.S. banning “gender-affirming care” for minors, was attacked in Vancouver last Friday during a protest for “Trans Day of Visibility” while police stood by and did nothing.

Elston shared the footage on Twitter shortly after the assault. Although police stepped in after the altercation to break it up and prevent it from getting worse, the footage shows that they also did nothing to prevent the escalation, allowing multiple protesters to invade Elston’s personal space.

Protesters surrounded Elston, shouting “f*** you!” over and over right in his ear and pressing up against him. Elston, while recording the people surrounding him, put his hand up onto the chest of one of the protesters screaming in his ear who then lashed out at Elston, reaching for his neck and dragging him to the ground.

Before this incident, Elston was also punched in the face by another radical activist, drawing blood on his nose and leaving him with a black eye the following day.

One of the officers Elston spoke with that day after the assault, which he also caught on camera and posted on Twitter, argued that the altercation was a mutual fight and that both parties were at fault. She told Elston “you have the right to not be here,” blaming him for being assaulted and ignoring that he also had the legal right to be there and talk to people without being harassed.

The officer said she saw Elston get close to people when in reality he was the one attempting to get away from protesters multiple times, who kept getting close to him while he was trying to be interviewed by independent journalist Dan Dicks.

Elton stated that he needs “to sue the VPD [Vancouver Police Department]” because “the assault on our kids can’t continue, and the police enabling anarchy and violence can’t continue either.”

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