If you want a clarifying glimpse into the diseased heart of liberalism, spend a few minutes watching Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC. The torture is worth it, because it’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to these people. Yeah, Democrats say some pretty ridiculous crap, but they’re all right. We all want a better America. We just have different ideas about how to get there.

Don’t believe it for a second.

These liberals are itching to destroy the United States. They see this country not as a shining beacon of freedom but rather an evil empire that must be systematically dismantled from the inside out. And seeing as how Democrats have veered so far left that a self-proclaimed socialist is cutting into Hillary Clinton’s lead, they are closer than ever to realizing that goal. While Republican leaders are calling for bipartisan compromise, Democrats are pushing an agenda that threatens the very foundation of the free market.

Last Saturday on her show, Harris-Perry addressed that market and wondered why it was that America refuses to get on board with socialism. “What makes the U.S. different?” she asked her guests after droning on about universal healthcare. “And the way I tend to frame this to my students is why is there no socialism in the U.S.? The great Eric Foner question. And there`s a one-word answer, Kai, I’m looking at you, friend –”

Kai Wright of The Nation magazine said, “Let me see. Could it be race?”

“Could it be?” Harris-Perry asked. “I mean that becomes the kind of standard story, right, is that in this country, race and racial privilege has trumped class identity as a way of organizing our politics.”

Wright naturally agreed. “The whole [capitalist] system globally was built on slavery,” he said. “From that moment forward, we`ve been in a discussion about capitalism in the United States that has, in fact, sorted people by race.”

After some discussion, Harris-Perry got down to brass tacks. “So, the capitalism operates on our preferences, which are exogenous, which are fixed outside the system, and if racial bias is part of those preferences because of history, then doesn’t it mean that the system must consistently have a corrective?” she asked. “So if, in fact, we just have a bias against certain kinds of bodies, don’t we then have to come in and correct that bias, even in order to make a free market system operate?”

And this is why there is no room for compromise with these liberals. This is their endgame, laid out in plain language. Well, as plain as liberal academic gibberish can get, anyway. It’s not just the police officers who are racist. It’s not just the Confederate flag. It’s not just southerners or Republicans or people who didn’t vote for Obama or people who don’t like rap. It’s everyone and everything. The entire country is structurally and inescapably racist.

You don’t fix a system like this with body cameras. You fix a system like this by taking a flamethrower to the Constitution, regulating the free market until it chokes to death, and taxing the public into paralysis. Liberals like Harris-Perry believe that black people cannot win without a handicap. We have to put the bumpers in the gutters before they can bowl. This, despite the fact that she’s a black woman with a cable TV show, making more money than 99% of Americans. Despite the fact that a racist population voted a black man president of the United States without bothering to check if he was competent first. And then we did it again after he proved that he wasn’t.

If someone threatens to demolish your house, you don’t agree to meet them halfway. It’s too bad most of our top Republicans think otherwise.