Liberals. They’ve redefined what marriage means, they’ve redefined what it means to be against killing babies, but are we going to let them redefine capitalism? The left has proven to be swift and adept at turning America into something new. Given another unrestrained decade or so, there’s no telling what they could do to this once-great land.

Already, they’ve down the seeds of dissent when it comes to our economic system. Acknowledging, begrudgingly, that it’s the reason for our wild success, they want us to know that those gains have been ill-gotten. Nothing excites a liberal more than telling us all the ways America is the world’s great evil. By demonizing capitalism, they can move on to their ultimate goal: getting rid of democracy altogether.

In their quest to regulate anything that moves, liberals have brainwashed the electorate with a number of lies, half-truths, and unexamined myths. They’ve conflated unethical business practices with capitalism itself, making it so you can’t defend the system without also defending the unscrupulous.

Capitalism is for Everyone

This is the first thing that has to change. Capitalism isn’t about letting corporate America run wild. The free market is intended not to give business a hand up, but to put the power of choice in the consumer’s hand. Yes, defending business and defending the consumer often goes hand in hand. But that’s because capitalists realize that government takeover of the private sector will eventually kill the economy dead. It’s a fine line, this dance between proper regulation and over-regulation, but it’s one that we can handle without moving away from capitalism.

Spreading the Wealth

Then there’s the minimum wage. Some idiot the other day pointed out that the majority of conservatives opposed raising the minimum wage while also admitting that they wouldn’t work for the current wage. They see this as hypocrisy, but that’s another example of the left twisting reality to suit their story. Conservatives don’t want to work for minimum wage. Okay, so guess what? They don’t. The minimum wage is there to make sure businesses aren’t outright exploiting human labor. It’s not there so losers can raise a family on $9 an hour. The minimum wage, whenever put in print, should come with an asterisk next to it. *Note to Workers: You don’t have to accept this wage for the rest of your life!

Because capitalism is not just great for consumers; it’s also great for workers. It is, frankly, at the heart of the American Dream. It isn’t perfect, but it’s the fairest form of economy that the human race has ever devised. You are what you make yourself in a capitalistic society. You are judged by your value to the marketplace. If you have no skills, can’t read, and refuse to work hard, you’re not going to make a lot of money. If you are constantly improving yourself, acquiring skills, and making yourself more valuable, you can go as far as your ambition takes you.

The left doesn’t want to hear all that rah-rah stuff about the individual, of course. They want to talk only of the collective. They look at all the teenagers working at Burger King and see injustice, somehow. They want to force businesses to slash their profits, raise their prices, and pay their workers more.

That’s not what the America I believe in is all about. Republicans and other mainstream conservatives need to spread the message far and wide that anti-capitalism is anti-freedom. Period.