In a panicky appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program on Tuesday, former Bill Clinton campaign manager James Carville said he was freaking out about the state of the Democratic primaries. Worried sick about the prospect of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination, Carville warned that “the only thing between the United States and the abyss” was the Democratic Party. He said that if Democrats put Bernie Sanders forward as the nominee, it would mean the “end of days” for the country.

“We’re going to be the British Labour party. We’re going to be out in some field, radical, left-wing la-la land,” Carville said.

“So what exactly are you afraid of?” asked host Mika Brzezinski.

“I’m afraid that Donald Trump is going to get re-elected, and I have to do this for four more years,” Carville yelled. “And I don’t think that we can make it. I really don’t. The country just can’t continue like this. And it has to have an alternative. I know, Joe, you’re not a member of the Democratic party, but you know this as well as I do. That’s it! That’s the only hope for America.”

Carville continued: “There’s a certain part of the Democratic party that wants us to be a cult. I’m not interested in being in a cult. I’m 75 years old. I’m just not, I’m not a very culty person. Some people in this country want a revolution. They want disruption. I don’t know. They scream at people and bully people. And I don’t know how you win an election: 78 years old, screaming in a microphone about the revolution. These people are perfectly happy to be Jeremy Corbyn. They’re all campaigning for him. They were taking pictures and everything. I mean, good God! We’ve got to do something here, people.”

It’s not clear what Carville means for the Democratic Party to “do.” We have to assume that Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar are going as hard as they can to take Sanders down. We certainly have to assume (because we can see it clearly) that the media is doing their part to marginalize Sanders and his supporters. What else is left? Outright cheat Sanders out of the nomination? What do you think THAT would do to turnout on election day?

Sorry to say, but this is a bed of the Democratic Party’s own making. They’ve been so focused on hating Trump for the last four years that they forgot to come up with an inspiring package of policies that might actually lure some voters back to the fold. Whoops! And now everyone’s playing catch-up with the Mad Socialist, because he happens to be the only one in the race with a thimbleful of charisma.

It almost makes you feel sorry for them, eh?