Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines, Iowa is the latest scene for the growing culture clash between gays and Christians. Wednesday afternoon, protestors – including both students and alumni – gathered in front of the school to protest the school’s decision not to hire a gay teacher.

“In holding this walkout,” said Dowling student Grace Mumm, “our goal is to let out community, administration, and diocese know that the decisions of our diocesan and school leaders are not a direct reflection of what the students at Dowling Catholic believe.”

The controversy surrounds a Dowling substitute teacher who was being considered for a full time position at the school. Looking into his background, officials found that he had a boyfriend and was engaged to be married. Des Moines Catholic schools may not hire teachers who “preclude support of Church teaching,” meaning the teacher was not asked to join the staff. But apparently not even a Catholic School can adhere to the Bible without falling afoul of the LGBT movement.

One can only wonder if there is any place left in America where Christians can follow their beliefs without starting an uproar. How much longer do we have before laws are passed making it a crime to even speak out against homosexuality? Does anyone doubt that such a day is coming?

In a way, this little protest in Iowa is even more disturbing than what’s going on in Indiana. It proves that students exposed to Christian teachings all day at school cannot escape the seductive instruction provided by Hollywood and the internet. It proves that parental guidance and the Bible are easily overcome by the twisted morality of the left. Of course they are. What do you think has been happening to this country for the last fifty years?

Fearful fiscal conservatives have begged Republicans to drop social issues from the agenda. They see the writing on the wall. They don’t want to see the GOP get into a fight with California perversion, because they don’t see it as a winnable war. But what they don’t understand is that it all starts with culture. Nothing has devastated the American economy like the deterioration of the family unit. All the rest of it – crime, welfare, unemployment, racial strife – can be traced back to this singular issue. And liberalism, feminism, and the systematic destruction of our shared moral system is directly responsible.

Worse, liberals are lying through their teeth. They present themselves as the hands-off choice. “Let people do what they want,” they say, attracting young libertarians in droves. But they don’t want to let people do what they want. They want to replace Christianity with a new religion – the Holy Progressive Church of Tomorrow. And they want to make that religion law.

Hey, I’m for lower taxes, too. But we’d better wake up and realize that by the time the left is done, a few extra bucks in our paychecks are going to be of little solace. If social conservatism is really dead, the Great American Experiment is headed for uncharted waters. And a dark storm is brewing up ahead.