CBS Anchor Can’t Face the Truth about Biden

( – Margaret Brennan, a news anchor for CBS, cut an interview short last week with a Republican congressman after he explained why President Joe Biden should be held accountable for mishandling classified government documents.

Republican Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio appeared on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” last Monday and asked what kind of signal it sends to the “national security world” by not charging the president. Turner said it’s “devastating” for the Justice Department and Biden administration’s “two-tier system of justice.”

Reports from a week prior revealed that special counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed to oversee the probe into Biden’s mishandling of the classified material as vice president, would be concluding his investigation soon and that Biden would only receive a public scolding for breaking the law.

Turner called Biden “a serial classified document hoarder” and accused the president of “taking classified documents” home that contain “some of the most sensitive” information that could “threaten” national security. At the end of last year, documents were discovered in Biden’s old Washington D.C. office as it was being cleared out, and at his private Delaware residence.

The Ohio representative believes there must “be consequences” and pointed out how Hillary Clinton’s classified email scandal happened at the same time during the Obama administration and that the former Secretary of State got off with “no consequences.” Turner accused the Justice Department “of not pursuing Democrats.”

Turner said it would demonstrate a double standard if Biden gets off for the same crime that former President Donald Trump is being pursued for.

Brennan then tried to defend the president, who cooperated with the government rather than refuse to hand over the materials as Trump did, violating the Espionage Act. Turner countered that just because a president cooperated with an investigation for two weeks doesn’t discount the violation, reminding the host that the president “had these documents for over 10 years.”

Brennan ended the interview after the congressman made it clear that the former president’s alleged violations do not absolve those of the current president.

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