Only hours before she apparently offended President Donald Trump with her one-sided, biased interview for “60 Minutes,” CBS hack journalist Lesley Stahl talked to radio icon Rush Limbaugh on the phone. And, according to Limbaugh, Stahl had the temerity to suggest that the conservative work to keep his listeners “calm” after the election in case Joe Biden wins. Apparently, this elitist liberal thinks that Rush Limbaugh listeners are going to take to the streets in armed rebellion if they don’t get what they want out of the election.

No, Lesley, you’re thinking about YOUR side. See: This summer. See: Portland. See: Unending series of violent riots triggered by left-wing activists.

“The question that Lesley Stahl wanted to ask me was, was I going to make sure that you people in this audience didn’t do a revolution, didn’t run a revolution. If you were gonna remain calm, if I was going to urge you to remain calm after Trump lost the election?” Limbaugh said Thursday. “Or, was I going to urge you to take to the streets and start burning things down.”

Limbaugh went on to make the same point we made above: “The fact of the matter is, who is it that’s burning down American cities right now? Not after the election, but before the election. Who is and how long have they been doing it? Why, my take is it’s Democrats. It’s Black Lives Matter. It’s Antifa. It’s Democrats in blue cities, in blue states. They are rioting, they are looting, they are destroying property that isn’t their own. It’s happening. Lesley Stahl can watch it happen if she wants to.”

Despite all of that, he said, Stahl still had the “audacity” to suggest that his audience might go nuts in the event of a Trump loss on November 3rd. She even wondered if “I was going to urge you to raise hell out there.”

“That’s insulting on a number of levels,” he said. “I never urge audience activism. I don’t have to. You people make up your minds what you’re gonna do. But in terms of advocating mass behavior that would be bad behavior? I would never urge people to engage in criminal behavior to boot.”

Stahl would know that if she’d taken even a half-minute to research Limbaugh and his listeners…or had the intellectual curiosity over the years to figure out why he’s one of the most popular conservative commentators of all time. Instead, her idea of Rush Limbaugh (and Trump supporters) seems to come from leftist pundits who think we’re always on the verge of an armed insurrection. Sorry, Lesley, but unlike the hooligans out there burning down their neighborhoods, we actually have jobs, families, and responsibilities. If you ever came out of your liberal bubble, you might know that.