(TotalConservative.com) – Chat GPT got caught admitting the data about global warming just isn’t supporting the climate change rhetoric of the radical activists and Democratic party. Steve Milloy, the founder of Junk Science, published a long exchange he had with the AI chatbot that began with the simple question “Is CO2 warming a hoax?”

The bot replied “no,” with an elaboration about how warming caused by CO2 is a “widely accepted scientific fact.” Milly shot back a question about why the temperature has not increased since 2015; how did it explain the lack of warming with 500 billion tons of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere?

The bot tried to prevaricate by calling the global cooling since 2015 a “short-term temperature variation” which wouldn’t necessarily imply equivalent long-term trends. It also made claims about some of the hottest years on record being after 2015. It also claimed that evidence from ocean temperature increases proved that the emissions caused warming.

Milloy pushed the bot to explain further, insisting that the data does not show an increase, and in fact shows a cooling trend. The bot apologized and then used some slippery wording to claim the warming trend has slowed down to which Milloy responded that it was wrong and the data showed a cooling trend.

The bot apologized a second time and then admitted the data did show a cooling trend from 2015 to 2022. The bot consistently framed its responses in terms of a warming trend and had a very rough time admitting the facts.

Folks have noticed the bot seems to lean left. A free software tool from the American company OpenAI, it became available last fall and is a very popular utility that often goes viral due to its responses.

Is this the beginning of our dystopian AI overlords? The bot had access to the data and has the complexity to draw the correct conclusions, but it seems like it’s been preprogrammed to give certain bits of Marxist dogma. Despite its left-leaning bias, some leftists think it needs more.

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