Chicago Doesn’t Want You to Know Where Millions Are Spent on Migrants

( – The mayor of Chicago and his administration is refusing to reveal how millions of taxpayer money is being spent on contending with the migrant crisis.

Chicago government officials denied a request for public records fully accounting for how over $120 million allocated to helping migrants entering the city is being spent. According to a report by CBS News, officials are hiding which companies and non-governmental organizations are receiving a portion of the funding.

CBS 2 made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the City of Chicago and officials “have failed to turn over records” which detail how “more than $100 million” is being spent “to care for new migrants arriving.” The office of the Illinois Attorney General also made requests and was ignored.

One estimate given during a City Council meeting in April gave a figure of $7,000 monthly for each individual migrant, a number CBS 2 tried to clarify with no luck.

Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, who’s recently took the helm of the city after defeating former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, disregarded objections and concerns from Chicago residents over allocating $51 million to migrant shelters while local communities are underfunded and ignored. Many residents feel the mayor is more focused on immigrants than on Chicagoans.

Around 12,000 migrants, legal and illegal, have come to Chicago over the last year, many of whom end up in city shelters and police stations. The 12 shelters around the city seem to be “shrouded in mystery” according to the Chicago Tribune, which investigated the network. The shelters are apparently overcrowded and members of the public aren’t permitted to view the conditions.

Chicago is just one of many cities feeling the consequences of open border policies. New York City, which declared a state of emergency after only a few thousands migrants arrived, has taken in over eight times as many migrants as Chicago over the past year, with shelters full to capacity. The entire state of Massachusetts also just declared a state of emergency.

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