Twelve people lost their lives to gun violence in Chicago this weekend. Another 43 were wounded by same. And in the city that has some of the more restrictive gun control laws in the country, Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that the way forward is…you guessed it…more gun control.

Emanuel made his plea at a luncheon for police officers on May 26. “It is not just about how many police you have, it is about the quantity of guns that are on the street so we actually have gun laws that back up the men and women we just recognized.” Except, of course, guns are already banned in Chicago. What more can you do? Are they going to make it illegal to even think about guns while inside the Chicago city limits?

Emanuel isn’t alone in making the push for more gun control this week. Reacting to the violence in Chicago, as well as shootings in New York and Baltimore, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that it was a clear sign that guns needed to be a bigger issue. “Obviously there’s some common sense things we could do – certainly passage of some gun safety laws in Congress that could keep guns out of the hands of criminals would be one thing that we could do to try to limit the violence,” he said.

The Democrats are always insisting that the way to make up for laws that don’t work is to double down on those laws. They bring this same reasoning to welfare. Oh, handing out free money without restrictions is actually leading to increased crime and lower opportunities among minorities? What can we do? Let’s see. Let’s go in and make sure these people have even more access to welfare and food stamps! That’s the ticket!

It would be funny, except this kind of brazen idiocy is having a terrible effect on our freedoms as well as our security. Instead of focusing their efforts on things that would actually reduce crime and violence, they keep pointing the finger at guns. In the meantime, the real solutions get no funding. And the cycle continues. Of course, they secretly love it. The more gun violence there is, the harder they can push for gun control laws. The more freedom they can take from Americans. The more they can build a government cage around the citizens.

You can see it in their policies. In their systematic attack on the police. They want to reduce arrests without actually reducing crime. The way to fix America, they say, is to stop enforcing the law. Police must stay out of criminal neighborhoods for fear of being labeled racists. They must stop locking black men behind bars, even if there is every reason to do so.

Liberal solutions are nonsense, yet somehow these snakes keep getting elected. Must be nice to have the Fourth Estate in your corner.