Chick-Fil-A’s Cryptic Message On Website Leads To Backlash

( – Fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A was recently exposed for hosting a little blurb about diversity, equity, and inclusion buried deep on its website. A short paragraph explaining what “We are better together” means got some viral attention and sounds suspiciously like Hillary’s 2016 campaign slogan, “better together.”

Describing it as “one of our core values” the company elaborated the sentiments suggesting the combination of “unique backgrounds and experiences” would enhance customer service and product quality without specifics on just how that was accomplished. They additionally laid out that the company was committed to embedding “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do.”

Multiple commentators were not happy about the discovery. Senior editor for Red State Brandon Morse suggested that the DEI infection would result in failure across the board for the fast food chain. Another commentator called it sad, and suggested the DEI woke agenda would make it “impossible for the organization to reflect the Christian values of its founder.” Respondents alternatively mentioned the possibility of a boycott or seeking new alternatives for their chicken sandwich needs.

Outlets confirmed the screenshots were genuine, and as of writing the content is still available on the company’s website. Things are so advanced that the corporation has its own DEI officer.

CEO Dan Cathy has gotten into hot water previously for pushing woke Marxism sentiments under the guise of critical race ideology. Several years ago Cathy spoke to radio host Todd Starnes, suggesting that Christians needed to “repent” from “racism” in the community and that “Caucasians” have to fight for African-Americans, further implying failure to do so was “shameful.” He did not seem to acknowledge the Civil Rights Act or other advances the country and culture have made, including the fact that racism against black people is incredibly unpopular in 2023.

The company also got into hot water when it capitulated to radical gay activists and stopped donations to several Christian organizations. Will Chick-fil-A follow Target and Bud Light with boycotts, public backlash, and a drop in stock value?

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