Somehow they always manage to do it. Just when you think you’ve seen the worst liberals have to offer, they come out with something that proves there is no low to which they will not sink. The latest example of the left’s unending search for the bottom of the barrel comes in the form of a children’s book called Sister Apple, Sister Pig by Southern Methodist University Professor Mary Walling Blackburn. Available for free online, the 33-page book comes with a warning for any pro-lifers who might crack the cover. You “masochists,” it warns, will not find the “luxury of grief” inside this abysmal tale of what happens to a child after it as been murdered in the womb.

Indeed, you will not. Instead, Sister Apple, Sister Pig tells the story of 3-year-old Lee, whose parents explain to him that his aborted sister could be in any random apple, a pig, or simply living out her existential life as a “happy ghost.” Even as his parents explain that his sister is everywhere among them, Lee can’t help but wonder why she is not actually there in the flesh.

“Lee, you have some good reasons to not have a sister right here right now. Maybe you will have another sister when there is more time, and there is more money.”

In other words, Lee, your mom and I don’t really have the time or the budget for another kid right now, so we went up to Planned Parenthood and turned your sister into a happy ghost. How’s about some lunch?

Blackburn herself, discussing the book with a panel of likeminded liberals, wrapped the book in all the pseudo-intellectualism she could bring to bear. The book, she says, portrays the dead child “as absconder, stranger, and clandestine leader in hostile realms. In the U.S., whence became of the politicized children’s photo books of the 1970s? What of the unborn antagonist – does she spook the form?”

Rii-ight. This is how liberals justify writing children’s books that glorify abortion. Instead of confronting the issue with intellectual honesty, they wrap their reasoning in so many academic buzzwords that it would take a linguistics expert to peel back the onion. Whatever helps you sleep at night, honey.

It’s hard to imagine many parents picking up Sister Apple, Sister Pig for their kids, though there are probably some liberal elitists who would love to put it on the coffee table as a conversation-starter. What could be more deliciously provocative, after all, than a book that tramples all over traditional values in a medium completely inappropriate for the topic?

Blackburn teaches as a Methodist college, but one can surmise that said college does not require their staff to subscribe to their religion. However, she is also a member of the greater American community, and the fact that something like this can be published without the slightest public backlash says more about our collective values than it says about her. Unfortunately, the traditional, moral beliefs that gave rise to this land may be harder to find than the happy ghost of Lee’s aborted sister.